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Today's battlefield is dominated by hugely reliable, hyper-lethal superweapons. Billions of dollars are spent on research and development, in a never-ending search for technological superiority. But how did these weapons evolve? Who are the men and women that gave birth to these inventions? Weaponology takes a high-tech future weapon and unlocks its family tree, tracing the roots of its existence. Season 2 tells the stories of the world's most specialized forces . . . including the U.S. Navy Seals, the U.S. Marine Corps, the Royal Marine Commandos, the Green Berets, and many more.

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Episode 1: Navy SEALs
Masters of stealth, lords of destruction: the U.S.
Navy SEALs are the most versatile special operations force in the world.
SEAL teams smash their enemies from land, sea and air using cutting-edge combat tactics and state-of-the-art equipment.
Now Weaponology traces the SEALs' development from search-and-destroy missions in the jungles of Vietnam to hunting the Taliban in the highlands of Afghanistan.

Episode 2: U.S.M.C.
The United States Marine Corps is the ultimate combined arms force.
This well-oiled military machine unites beach-assault vehicles, devastating air support and battle-hardened riflemen.
Now Weaponology traces the U.S.M.C.'s development from its beginning as a group of shipboard warriors in the 18th century to the ultimate all arms force operating in Iraq today.

Episode 3: Waffen S.S.
The Waffen S.S. were Nazi Germany's ultimate warriors -- earning their brutal reputation in blood during World War II.
Adolf Hitler's elite units destroyed their enemies with futuristic weapons systems backed up by an unrivaled fanaticism.
Weaponology takes you back through time to take a closer look at the men, machines and moments that shaped Hitler's henchmen.

Episode 4: U.S. Airborne
The United States Airborne are America's sky soldiers, hitting the combat zone from just 600 feet, striking their enemy hard and fast.
Now, Weaponology invites you to take a closer look at the men, machines and moments that shaped this elite fighting unit.

Episode 5: Rangers
The Army Rangers are the hammer and anvil of U.S. military might.
Men of steel, forged in the fire of every major conflict from the beaches of D-Day to the streets of Baghdad, the Rangers are the elite assault-and-ambush team of the U.S. Army.
Weaponology shows viewers how the U.S. Army Rangers always ride the cutting edge of military technology to get the job done.

Episode 6: Green Berets
Shadow warriors, the Green Berets are lords of unconventional warfare.
Their mission is to train and raise armies behind enemy lines.
On this episode, Weaponology explores how the Green Berets rose out the ashes of World War II to fight the clandestine conflicts of the Cold War and the post-Sept. 11 world.

Episode 7: SAS
With a motto that reads "Who Dares Wins," the SAS are at the cutting edge of global special forces operations.
The SAS go in where it hurts to take out the trash using deep insertion behind enemy lines and have revolutionized the global war on terrorism.

Episode 8: Royal Marines
With a bulldog spirit, the royal marine commandos are a pup that loves to bite.
They are all-terrain tsunami, military chameleons who attack the enemy amphibiously, in the mountains, skies and on land.

Episode 9: Extreme Warriors
Extreme Warriors are trained to live and fight in the harshest environments known to man - exposed mountaintops, extreme altitude, sub-zero temperatures, snowstorms - these guys bring the pain in any terrain.

Episode 10: Combat Engineers
Combat Engineers build with one hand, and destroy with the other.
First onto the battlefield they have got the nuts, and bolts, to build bridges, blow up obstacles, diffuse landmines, take out bunkers and detect I.E.D's.

Episode 11: French Foreign Legion
Weaponology looks at the genealogy of France's famous Foreign Legion.
Which draws its ranks from other countries around the world.

Episode 12: Spetsnaz
Members of Russia's elite fighting force work in counter terrorist strike squads and special operations.
Go behind the scenes of Russia's super soldiers and see why the world fears the word Spetsnaz!

Episode 13: Israeli Commandos
Weaponology looks at the genealogy of Israel's Elite Commando Unit from the Israel Defense Forces which specialise in hostage rescue missions and pre-emptive strikes against terrorists.


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